Case Study #1

A paralegal with a firm 6 hours away contacted us asking if we could print and mount seven 3’x5’ prints for a courtroom exhibit. The client’s files would be emailed to us same day and completion was expected next day. A project this size is well within our scope of capabilities so our response was that we could begin once the files were received. By the time the files arrived several hours later, the parameters of the project had increased. In addition to the seven 3’x 5’ boards, the client also needed seven 30”x 42” boards along with seventy 8.5”x 11” multipage color handouts. The timeframe was shortened from next day to half day. With good planning, teamwork, and execution, the order was ready within 3 hours of receipt.

Case Study #2

We received an email at 5:35am one week day morning from an architectural firm on the West Coast. Our hours of operation are 8am-5pm EDT and we read the email at about 7:55am. Attached to the email were 9 files for a total of 963 prints ranging in size from 8.5”x 11″ to 24”x 36”. The order was required no later than 9am that day. Our small format and wide format teams began working immediately and collectively to produce all the prints, then collate & finish per specifications. The project was completed by 8:50am and received by the client’s local representative at 9:15.

Case Study #3

Two friends from New York City arrived in Wilmington on a Friday morning for the funeral of a friend the following day. To pay homage to the deceased, they were providing the 4 page funeral program which was being designed by a third friend. What they did not anticipate was the third individual having very little knowledge about creating files for printing. The files we received for printing could not be opened and our small format team had to walk the friends through a stopgap solution. Once printable, we produced 350 programs (4 pages with a cover) – a total of 1750 impressions – in about 2 hours, ensuring the well-intentioned gift to the bereaved family would be completed on time.

The results

In each case, these projects were completed either on time or ahead of schedule. Everyone knows the world is a busy place and folks are in a hurry. Our Copycat team understands the need for being nimble, thinking quickly and producing your sensitive printing projects perfectly and on time. Printing emergencies happen frequently and our expert team of professionals is on standby ready, willing and able to respond.