Meet the Team

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Betsy Kahn


Betsy likes to spend more time working on the business these days, rather than in the business, so her front counter appearances are rare sightings. And she is decidedly not your go to person for production. Because her brain contains decades of Copycat information – some worthy, some useless – she is experimenting with trying to copy & paste it into the team’s brains. Voted Most Senior Citizen

Sue Meier

General Manager

Don’t fall for the Michigan accent when having a conversation with our general manager, Sue Meier. She’s lived in Wilmington for 25 years, is well connected and a veritable expert on the movers & shakers of our area. Sue also loves to analyze processes, numbers . . . really anything that requires analysis. She’s also an expert at building relationships and developing business, which is exactly why we gave her the title of Director of Business Development. Voted most likely to call and ask for appointments.

Jeff Yost

Production Manager

Voted Best Buddy because he greets everyone with ‘hey Buddy’, Jeff has very capably translated his skills from offset printing to digital printing and is constantly seeking ways to improve everything we churn out in small format. That, and he assists with our social media and our website and in prepress and backup singer for Jill and processing files in wide format. Our goal is to keep ‘Hey Buddy’ as busy as possible. Voted Best Buddy.

Jill Edwards

Senior Graphic Designer

Jill very quietly and efficiently WOWs every client with whom she works. Hailing from the metropolis of Sparta NC, Jill has a mechanical knack for successfully MacGrubering a piece of equipment. She also likes to sing along with songs written before she was born. How does she even know the words? Voted “Less likely to call attention to herself and her talents,”

Sam Neely

Production Specialist

Samantha ‘Sam’ Neely honed her “Yes Ma’am” and “No Sir” skills during her four year stint in the US Navy. She also had lots of hands on experience with information systems, network security and customer service. Now that she’s on dry land, Sam has seamlessly acclimated to the hectic pace of our customer service & wide format worlds.

When not at work, Sam spends her shore leave . . . er, down time . . . painting acrylics and hanging out with her boyfriend, young daughter and the family dog.


Alan Kelly

Wide Format Printer

As earnest as the day is long, loyal to the bone and hustling just as fast as he did when he joined our team in 2003, Alan is both well known and well-liked by everyone who walks through our doors. Alan prides himself on remembering all of you by name and telephone number. Feel free to test him. No offense but our money is on Alan. Voted “most congenial” to infinity and beyond.

Haley Jensen


Unlike some of us, the collegiate years aren’t a dim memory for Haley Jensen. A recent UNCW graduate with degrees in Marketing & Spanish, Haley is a social media guru who prefers the beaches of our area to the beaches of Lake Michigan, for obvious temperature reasons. She will infuse our marketing efforts with a fresh new perspective plus lend a hand with customer service as well as in the small format department. With Haley’s addition, we are now able to say ‘aqui se habla espanol.’ Voted most likely to smile all the time.

Roman Fortozo


Roman ‘Cowboy’ Fortozo thinks numbers are his friends. And we are perfectly happy with Roman being friends with the numbers because he uses his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a major in Accounting from Oklahoma State all day long to keep them (our numbers) straight. Voted most likely to know how much we have in the checking account.

Anthony Moreci

Graphic Designer

When Anthony Moreci says something like “The study of cephalopods is a branch of malacology known as teuthology” all he’s really saying is that he absolutely adores octopuses and studies them a lot.As our newest graphic designer, Anthony brings a wealth of design talent & enthusiasm to his position in our prepress department. With a passion for sketching and animation, look for some exciting new marketing ideas, thanks to Anthony. Voted most likely to swim and change colors with an octopus.

Betsy Bauer

Customer Service Coordinator

Betsy Bauer joined our team as our Customer Service Coordinator exactly one day before we had to observe quarantine rules so for the first 10 days of her job, her workplace looked a lot like her home. Now that we’re back in the shop, Betsy is making sure our front counter is run like a Ritz-Carlton with 5 star service. Her work experience is too varied to mention here so trust us when we say she’s a real pro with customers and we’re lucky to have her expertise. Voted most likely to know more about ice skating than anyone else here. 


Office Dog

There has never been a better office dog at Copycat than Birdie. In fact, there has never been another office dog at Copycat so she’s definitely the #1 best dog ever. Voted most likely to go around allowing pats and asking for T-R-E-A-T-S . . .


Our Values

Our History

Copycat was actually created as a print shop for a local architectural firm in the early 1970s. The firm had a large design project on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus and preferred maintaining control over the printing of their blueprints and specifications rather than sending everything to a printer in Raleigh. Those days were obviously before the advent of the digital world, not to mention overnight shipping, so everything the architects could do in-house to enhance the delivery of their work to the general contractor helped keep the project costs down. The three architects quickly realized they needed a 4th individual to come in and manage the print shop, hence the arrival of our president emeritus, Max Kahn. Armed with a degree in ceramic engineering and no prior printing experience, Mr. Kahn met the challenge of running an AB Dick press for the specifications and a GAF blueprint machine for the plans. His efforts were so successful that additional employees were hired to handle orders coming in from other local architects as well as many area small businesses. By the way, for those of you in Wilmington, a restaurant/nightclub on Castle Street called The Juggling Gypsy housed one of our old locations. In 1979, Mr. Kahn bought out the other three partners and Copycat Print Shop became incorporated, serving as the only blueprinter in southeastern North Carolina. Continuing the tradition of jumping into the deep end of the pool without knowing how to swim, in 1981 his daughter Betsy, armed with a degree in recreation, joined the team selling drafting supplies to local architects, engineers and general contractors.

In the 1980s diazo – the word used for the blueprinting process – gave way to xerographic, meaning blue lines on white paper gave way to black lines that wouldn’t fade or smear. This was a paradigm shift in business practices, requiring new technology that ran more efficiently, smelled lots less than the anhydrous ammonia required in blueprinting and provided our customers with the added bonus of being able to have their work enlarged or reduced at different scales on paper rather than having to redraw their designs. Copycat was the first local company to offer these services, now known as reprographics, to Wilmington and the vicinity, as well as introducing the first commercially available color copies and large color prints. Today, we have moved completely away from offset printing and are fully digital. Our company philosophy regarding equipment has been to embrace the technology benefiting our customers with faster, better, more reasonably priced work.