But seriously, why should you undervalue your time?

Can we all agree that time is our most precious commodity? We contend that how you spend your time is exponentially more valuable than how you spend your hard earned dollars. Money mistakes can be corrected, but when you lose time, it’s gone forever. As an example, why do some people think saving $50-$75 to fly out of RDU instead of ILM is such a great idea? A round-trip of approximately 6 hours, coupled with wear/tear on your vehicle plus the price of gasoline becomes expensive and we haven’t even calculated the value of your time. Apply a dollar value to your time; hypothetically let’s say you’re worth $25/hour (we’ll write about low self esteem in another blog); your trip up the highway and back has a $150 value!
But we digress.


A couple of months ago, a new restaurateur client approached us about having menus printed. Music to our ears! An unsolicited new client appears out of the blue and wants to do business with us! They sent us files, selected paper and were ready to sign the approval...

Learning Something New

After X number of years (X = 3plus decades) in the printing industry, you might start to think/feel that there’s not much new stuff left to learn about sales and marketing for your business. After all, you’ve attended gobs of sales seminars, reprographic industry...

How to herd kittens. Or run a small company. Is there a difference?

Okay, I’m kidding. There’s a big difference between herding kittens and running a small company. For starters, kittens can be cajoled with treats and kitty toys, so it’s pretty easy to grab their attention and subsequently herd them with relative ease.

The concept of running a small business, on the other hand, is very likely a close cousin of the arcade game Whack-a-Mole. On a daily basis, from the moment a business opens until the time it closes, there will always be a situation or dilemma or challenge or opportunity that needs reconciling. And if the buck stops at your desk, you have to keep a thinking cap on at all times. Anticipating the needs of your employees, the needs of your clients, the needs of your company and your own needs can require lots of balancing and strategic planning, which requires lots of time. And time is your most precious commodity, so be mindful.

Soft Tissue vs. Hard Tissue

Why is it that folks spend so much time bragging about the kind of equipment they’ve got? From the customer’s perspective, that’s a giant ‘who cares?’ Rarely, if ever, does someone come up to us and say, “Wow, you’ve got an Acme Diesel High Speed Digital Production...

Face to face versus hiding behind the screen

Try face to face shopping to get the best design In the world of retail, shopping (and shipping) has never been easier. It’s so easy in fact that, as an example, you never have to step foot in a supermarket to buy and receive groceries. That’s great, but what if you...

How Much Are Your Copies?

When a simple answer isn’t sufficient.

Almost daily, a telephone caller will inquire, “How much are your copies?” This is one of the most difficult questions we receive and there’s no easy answer.

Why? Because everything we print is effectively a custom project.

Printing In Color: When 50 Shades of Gray Won’t Do

Very little in life is black & white or even shades of grey.
We see and do everything in full color.

In the design world – specifically architectural & engineering design – architects, engineers, landscape designers, interior designers and other disciplines design in color. Color is significant in their respective worlds. And yet, a large portion of the A/E/C population still prints their construction plans in black and white. Why? Because they don’t realize technology exists, enabling reprographers to print in color at the same speed – and at the same price – as black & white.