Ahhhh the ‘old’ days
Remember your amazing beach vacation last year? The time you took those incredible photos of the sunrise over the ocean, with dolphins frolicking in the surf…they seemed perfect for making personalized note cards or as inspiration for a painting or maybe just printing out and putting it on the refrigerator.

That was a year ago. You’ve been dealing with COVID ever since and maybe your memories of that amazing vacation are trying to dim.

Don’t despair – we have an idea
Who knows when you’ll get to go back for another vacation. That’s the bad news.
The good news is you can use your photos to have custom wallpaper installed in your own home. Sound wacky? Not at all. Perhaps you have joined the millions of other Americans who have been considering DIY projects around your house. Now is the perfect time.
[Pssttt … if your home is anything like some we’ve seen (ahem, we’re referring to our own, not yours), there might be more than one room in need of some sprucing up.]

credit: Fiber artist Rachel Frey

Where can you use custom wallpaper?
The short answer is everywhere. Consider this: your amazing photo, life-size on the wall of your bathroom, man cave, she shed … literally anywhere you’d like to see it. This idea doesn’t apply to just residential projects; it can be easily used in your office space, as well.

The point is, custom wallpaper can be used in an array of settings and you don’t have to flip through hundreds of pages of catalogs; you simply create your very own!


Custom wallpaper from Copycat is certified GreenGuardGold™, meaning it’s non-toxic and safe to use. Consider decorating your child’s nursery or a medically sensitive room without any worries. Our wallpaper comes in the messy conventional style everyone remembers, requiring paste & glue . . . but wait, there’s more! It’s also available in peel-n-stick material!
You don’t have to be a professional installer to peel off the backing and apply it to the wall (but it sure doesn’t hurt to have a pro do it, haha).

Copycat’s custom wallpaper is guaranteed to last 8 years indoors so by the time you’ve taken another vacation and have more amazing photos, it will be time to install new custom wallpaper.

What’s the next step?
Call us at 910.799.1500 or email us at prepress@copycatprintshop.net or reach us through our contact us page on our website: www.copycatprintshop.net
Describe what you have in mind to one of our talented graphic designers and let’s start planning how to give you bragging rights on your own exclusive, made-just-for you custom wallpaper for your home or office!

PS – By the way, if you’d like note cards made of that amazing photo, we can talk about that, too.