Try face to face shopping to get the best design

In the world of retail, shopping (and shipping) has never been easier. It’s so easy in fact that, as an example, you never have to step foot in a supermarket to buy and receive groceries. That’s great, but what if you receive the wrong grocery order? Ease of use flies right out the window, doesn’t it? You’ve basically got to start over in some cases.

At Copycat, a large portion of our clientele email us or upload their files for printing. That system works great when building plans are sent to us and our sole responsibility is to print – not create – files. All we do is print and deliver or print and ship or print and call the clients for pick-up.

In the world of small format, we are frequently asked to create a custom document from conception: our clients have a tri-fold brochure or an invitation or a marketing catalog in mind . . . it’s an idea where no files exist so we have to start from scratch. Our clients know what they want, they describe what they want and we do our best to create what they’ve described (this is a little bit like looking into a crystal ball). The process can easily require a few meetings and multiple proofs before the image in their head is recreated on paper. Could these same projects be ordered online without consultation? Probably. Is the margin for error or dissatisfaction higher? No question about it.

Despite many people’s reliance on a screen-filled world, there really is no substitute for face-to-face customer service. Who among you knows the difference between 100# cover and 12 pt gloss? Right? Isn’t it nice to have someone show you paper samples so you can see, feel the differences? Isn’t it nice to have a design expert suggest the best fonts to use for clarity in reading? Or which colors print the best? Oh, know what happens if you hit the ‘place order’ tab prematurely? Sorry, but your order is in the works and you’re paying for it whether it’s correct or not.

Please, feel free to gather ideas on your fav social media idea boards then come see us for some good, ol’ fashioned face-to-face conversation. We’ll take your neat ideas and make them a reality.