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The copycat team of Graphic Designers is ready to help bring your design dreams to life! Whether it’s a banner or a logo, with decades of combined experience our team is ready and eager to help. 


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Culture Values

Here’s a broad topic getting lots of traction these days: Culture values. Companies of all sizes are spending time and energy creating culture statements, then revealing them with a big splash. But then what? How are they implemented? Is this something to help...

Workplace Humor

Editor’s note: Read this all the way through. Do not stop after the 2nd paragraph because you started feeling glum. Did you hear the one about the priest, the rabbi and the printer? Yeah, we didn’t either. That’s just a bad lead into why humor in the workplace is...

The intertwining of culture values & reading

Our team culture wholeheartedly supports personal and professional growth. In so doing, everyone on the Copycat reads books or articles, listens to podcasts or audio books, or watches videos, all of which is intended to grow the individual in their personal lives...


” I love the cards. I have sent out almost all of them and have gotten some really good responses. Thank you so much for getting my idea to fruition and doing it so well. “

Agatha H.

” When I bring presentation jobs to Copycat, I know I’ll be exceedingly satisfied. Not only does Copycat’s staff work to make my presentations look their best, but they take such great pride in what they bring to the task. It becomes a collaboration rather than just a drop-off and pick-up.”

Margie H.

” Thank you for your great customer service and your attention to detail. Working with all of you is a pleasure. I still marvel at the fact that I saw your sign everyday that I drove to work and did not pay attention until that one day. What a great day that was! “

Kelly B.

” As a medical device company, we choose our vendors based on highly accurate and dependable work. Copycat has exceeded our expectation on dependability and customer service every time. “

Mary G.