When a simple answer isn’t sufficient.

Almost daily, a telephone caller will inquire, “How much are your copies?” This is one of the most difficult questions we receive and there’s no easy answer.

Why? Because everything we print is effectively a custom project.

We ask lots of questions to peel back the layers in order to provide accurate information: what size, color or black/ white, single sided or duplex, how many originals, how many copies, are there special paper requirements, will a digital file be supplied or do we need to create one? And that’s just for starters.

To illustrate, if a caller wants a price on 500 copies, do they mean:

1) 500 flyers, single-sided in color from a file they are providing?
2) 10 business reports produced in black and white from their file, approximately 50 pages per book, requiring bindery?
3) 20 sets of building plans from 25 uploaded originals?

Or maybe they want something completely different.

We have discovered that the question behind the question has more to do with our capabilities and delivery times than price. “How much are your copies?” might actually mean, “I’ve got a presentation in 4 hours and desperately need these handouts printed. Can you do it?”

Our questions are key to providing the best customer service possible. By understanding our customer’s needs, we can make recommendations on the best way to achieve the best results in the shortest time frame. When that happens, the question about price becomes much less important.