It’s a wrap, Folks!

It’s time to start wrapping your seasonal gifts. Custom wrapping paper from Copycat Print Shop is a fantastic way to make even the most ordinary gift shine above all the others.

Who benefits from custom wrapping paper?

Imagine using a family photo from a pre-COVID gathering printed on custom wrapping paper for all the members of your family. Your entire family will be delighted to see everyone’s smiling faces! Christmas morning gift opening is going to take that much longer because everyone will want to save their special wrapping paper . . . except maybe the children of all sizes who have a tendency to rip in with unbridled enthusiasm; every family seems to have at least one of those, haha!

Suggestions for printing

If you don’t have a photo handy, consider personalizing your wrapping paper with the recipient’s name and/or an image of their favorite hobby. Imagine images of tennis racquets for the tennis player in your life or needles and balls of yarn for your family knitting expert. Truly, the options for what you can have printed are limited to your imagination, as long as it’s rated G. 😉

Corporate wrapping paper is popular, too!

Custom wrapping paper is also a really great idea for companies that want to take every branding opportunity available. Corporate wrapping paper can be used any time of year, not just seasonally. Here’s a short video to show you what we are referencing:

Available sizes

Custom wrapping paper from Copycat is sold in sheets of 24”x36” or on rolls 36” x 6’. The satin paper we use provides a smooth, durable finish that doesn’t rip like some of the store-bought paper and the pricing is very competitive considering you’re ordering a paper that no else has ever seen. As long as your personalized images are print-ready, they can be placed in templates to be printed for same-day turn-around. [To learn more about what is considered print-ready, email or call one of our graphic designers for additional information.]

How and where do I order?

Are you ready to wrap up this conversation about custom wrapping paper by placing an order? We would love to hear from you!

Give us a call at 910.799.1500 or email us at:

There’s no time like the present to place your order so don’t delay!