AfterX number of years (X = 3plus decades) in the printing industry, you might start to think/feel that there’s not much new stuff left to learn about sales and marketing for your business. After all, you’ve attended gobs of sales seminars, reprographic industry association meetings, spent hours reading trade publications, had in-depth discussions with clients, subscribed to sales & marketing guru newsletters, networked with print & copy industry leaders about how they sell their services . . . at some point, haven’t you heard it all?

Yes… but no. The fact is, the way we print today is completely different than 30 years ago. If you’re not digital, you’re not . . . never mind, the non-digital folks aren’t reading this. Regardless of your tenure, now is the time to pay attention when the experts identify current trends in sales and marketing and the subsequent effect on today’s business climate. Some of the things you learned in the 80s & 90s might hold true today, but we never used the phrase ‘social media’ back then. Determining how to appeal to millennials never came up in conversation. And Amazon was only the name of a river in South America.

Recently, I was invited to a daylong Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketing master class. Going into it, my expectations were relatively low; it sounded generic and all-day-long Friday classes have never seemed like a good idea. Would this be a “same ‘ol, same ‘ol” scenario where I’m lucky to glean one tiny gold nugget out of a ton of mud? Hardly. The presentation held my attention from the start. I left with five pages of notes. Let me repeat that . . . f-i-v-e pages of notes. Those notes have been transcribed into digital format, printed and shared with my team. Clearly, the seminar’s content provided me with lots of useful information for improving our B2B marketing efforts. By ramping up our B2B work, we’ll be able to meet small business owners in need of printing experts. That list hopefully includes folks like you.

Growing our business is important to us; becoming your preferred print provider and helping you grow your business is paramount to us. That’s why we keep learning – so we can be the best (perhaps only) printing and copying member on your business team.