AlanPlans Department
From the smile on his face to the tool belt he puts on every morning, Alan is here to serve you to the best of his (very considerable) abilities in our wide format department. Absolutely no one takes more pleasure making sure our clients are pleased. Processing orders as efficiently as possible is one of Alan’s goals; another is knowing every single customer by name. By the way, congratulations are in order for his significant weight loss over the past year – his on-the-job hustle might have had something to do with that. When he’s not at work, Alan can be found . . . you guessed it . . . serving others.
ChrisPlans Department
While Chris was born well after computers were invented, his knowledge of their inner and outer workings makes it seem like he was a part of the creation process. Chris is always looking for innovative ways to streamline everything we do, and he’s automated our wide format department to be more efficient than ever before. He takes great pride in breaking his PR time in running & completing projects, which benefits all our clients – maybe even spoils them a bit! Always ready for something physically challenging, Chris seems to enjoy the crazy notion of muddy Spartan races.
KellyPlans Department
Kelly was a young’un when he joined the Army. Then he became a schoolteacher. Somewhere along his life path, he went to Nashville to become a recording artist. In a series of unlikely events, he landed here at Copycat and we’re really glad he did. His previous experiences have prepared Kelly well for working as part of our wide format team. When not fielding phone calls and processing emails with Alan and Chris, or making deliveries around town with alacrity, Kelly keeps his creative juices flowing (have you heard our latest on-hold message?) and treasures a daily dip in the ocean.
ErinPrepress Manager / Graphic Designer
Erin, at the helm of our prepress department, has unique creativity and insight, which helps her understand quickly what our clients are asking for even when they may not know themselves. She and Jill work together to make sure our prepress department provides our small format department with plenty of projects to keep it churning along at its optimal cruising altitude. [A great example of their tandem efforts can be seen in these photos: Jill managed to get a smile out of everyone while Erin snapped the shots.] During non-work hours, Erin loves to sing, write, spend time with friends and do all things crafty.
JillPrepress and Graphics
Jill is a jack . . . of all trades. Most of the time she can be found in our prepress department very capably putting her graphic design degree to good use. Up for any challenge, it is not unusual to find her trouble-shooting a problem with production equipment (we think she may have grown up playing with tools!). And when we least expect it, Jill will crank up some Top 40s hit from the 70s and start singing along to a song older than she. Shortest in stature but tallest in day in/day out effort, if we need a setter for our volleyball team, Jill is our first choice.
DonnaCustomer Relations
Cheerfully greeting everyone, whether on the phone or at the front counter, is recent college graduate Donna. She spends most of her time with our clients – taking in projects, handling transactions, and making informal surveys after job completions, which allows our production crews to work without interruption. Donna is our most tenured employee so her knowledge of our long-time clients, as well as production & finishing best practices, is invaluable. Now that school’s over, Donna’s favorite pasttime is not studying or writing papers.
BetsyIvory Tower
Because all these talented and dedicated team members do such a great job of keeping our operations running smoothly, Betsy gets to spend large portions of her time working on the business and not in it, as well as spending many hours volunteering in our community. Like her father before her, while readily available to assist in any capacity, these days her primary responsibilities include collecting the mail, making bank deposits and thinking deep thoughts about ways to improve how we serve you.