Retired<br />David
Plans Department
David has been entertaining our customers with fishing stories since 1984, usually while waiting on the front counter or processing emails & reproducing construction prints or making deliveries in what he calls the Copycat ‘milk carton.’
AlanPlans Department
Alan is the friendly face greeting everyone when they come in to pick up or place an order. He and David spend the bulk of their time processing the dozens of emails that we receive for ‘the guys in Plans.’
ChrisPlans Department
Chris is crazy-smart about how computers work, so we count on him to handle all the IT work around here, in addition to working with Alan and David in Plans. These three also handle the wide format color department, as well as mounting and laminating, and to watch them in motion is like watching cooks in a well-run short order kitchen.
DonnaPrepress and Graphics
Donna worked as our key op in the B/W small format department for a couple of decades and is truly a Bindery Queen, but now spends most of her day generating new sales leads and bringing new customers through our doors.
ErinPrepress and Graphics
Erin thought once that she wanted to be an architect. Lucky for us, she changed her mind and moved to Wilmington where she reads our minds, and more importantly those of our customers, then translates her readings into fabulous designs.
BetsyPrepress and Graphics
Betsy learned a long time ago to be surrounded by talented, dedicated employees, which allows her lots of thinking time. Her deeper thoughts usually relate to constantly improving customer service and researching equipment that will best help our customers. Otherwise, she’s pretty good at answering the phone and troubleshooting issues as they arise.