What does it take to be a Copycat employee of the month?
To some degree, it’s an internal popularity contest, but we have additional criteria. The team member who best exemplifies our company culture gets the most votes each month. Truth be told, it can be a really tough vote every month but someone has to win, right?

What’s culture got to do with it?
For starters, let’s identify our culture here. Every single day, everyone on the team is expected to exhibit above the line behavior as opposed to below the line.

We hold ourselves responsible, accountable, and have ownership of problematic situations instead of placing blame, make excuses or being in denial. While this is a company-wide way of thinking, employees of the month seem to always do their best to stay above the line.

Taking initiative
Secondly, taking initiative is a huge factor. Our employees of the month don’t wear blinders; they’re paying close attention to what’s around them and finding ways to go the extra distance by providing extraordinary service. From something simple like being proactive answering the phone in a timely fashion to voluntarily staying after-hours to complete a time-sensitive order, employees of the month are always striving to excel.

What’s in it for them?

Being recognized by one’s peers for being exceptional feels pretty darn good regardless of the industry. Of course, there’s also the personal satisfaction of knowing you’ve put your best foot forward and being rewarded for your effort. But wait, there’s more!
Copycat employees of the month get the primo employee parking spot, closest to our employee entrance!

What’s in it for you?
Do we incentivize our team to perform well? Yeah, we do.
Here’s why: providing you with the highest level of customer
service is mission critical. If we can create a slightly competitive situation for the team that ultimately means you receive 5 star service during every transaction with us, then why not?

Where’s your parking spot?
Not to worry – we have one for you! One of the best things about moving from Anderson Square to Kerr Avenue is the fact that we have a plethora of parking places now. You – our wonderful clientele – have your own parking lot with plenty of room.


How did we get from being an employee of the month to mentioning your parking lot?
Who knows. We digress. And that’s ok.
Here are the highlights: One of our team incentives is a primo parking spot for the winner of the employee of the month. That person has been voted on because of their stellar attitude that corresponds to our ‘above the line’ culture and work ethics. We strive to be the best at our work because that’s what you deserve. And we haven’t used one of your parking places in this process. You’ve got plenty of room to park for curbside service.

Come see for yourself at 637 S. Kerr Ave. Maybe you’ll be able to figure which one of our great team is the employee of the month.