Very little in life is black & white or even shades of grey.
We see and do everything in full color.

In the design world – specifically architectural & engineering design – architects, engineers, landscape designers, interior designers and other disciplines design in colorColor is significant in their respective worlds. And yet, a large portion of the A/E/C population still prints their construction plans in black and white. Why? Because they don’t realize technology exists, enabling reprographers to print in color at the same speed – and at the same price – as black & white.

Conventional wisdom has traditionally stipulated that printing full size color A/E/C plans can be far too expensive and very slow to generate. That’s no longer true. Copycat has the equipment toprint plans at 12 inches per second. That’s 30 feet in 30 seconds! One 24”x36” sheet takes 2 seconds to print – in color.

Does it cost more to print in color than in black and white?

Nope, it doesn’t.

Why print in color? As an example, imagine a plumbing subcontractor estimating a commercial upfit. A ‘hard to see’ toilet and sink in the building are overlooked because the plans are in black & white; they aren’t a part of the plumber’s estimate and subsequently, are not installed. Construction comes to a standstill while the mistake is corrected, which puts the project behind schedule and over budget.

Now imagine the same subcontractor working from a color set. The ‘hard to see’ toilet and sink are not overlooked and are installed because the different disciplines are easily detected. Plumbing lines are in green, or in blue, or in red. Or in whatever color was selected in the design process…and the margin for error has been significantly reduced.

Architects, engineers, general contractors, developers and anyone else needing construction documents: If you can get your plans printed in color at the same speed and price as black & white, what are you waiting for?