When TIME is left out of the conversation
A recent newspaper headline read “Calculate ink costs before buying a printer.”
That’s the worst advice ever! Okay, we’re being dramatic; it’s not the worst advice ever but to a professional printer who has reasonable disdain for DIY printing jobs, it’s not great advice. We believe there are many other factors that should be calculated along with your ink costs, specifically, your time.

Can we all agree that time is our most precious commodity? We contend that how you spend your time is exponentially more valuable than how you spend your hard earned dollars. Money mistakes can be corrected, but when you lose time, it’s gone forever. As an example, why do some people think saving $50-$75 to fly out of RDU instead of ILM is such a great idea? A round-trip of approximately 6 hours, coupled with wear/tear on your vehicle plus the price of gasoline becomes expensive and we haven’t even calculated the value of your time. Apply a dollar value to your time; hypothetically let’s say you’re worth $25/hour (we’ll write about low self esteem in another blog); your trip up the highway and back has a $150 value!
But we digress.

We totally agree that having a home printer for your occasional onesy-twosy, afterhours printing needs makes good sense. The 5-page term paper, due by 8am and completed at 2am, should definitely be printed at home. In fact, please print it at home because we aren’t interested in working at 2am.
Conversely, marketing collateral should be generated on production equipment by print professionals who have an eye for detail and who regularly provide quality work in a timely fashion. Btw, if you’re reading this and wondering who could help you, we’ve got a great suggestion.

With all due respect to those who think they’re saving money by doing it themselves, it’s easy to spot the DIYers who have created, printed, and cut their own business cards. Those cards do not set a high bar in terms of quality. Often they are cut poorly, the lines are crooked and the text isn’t centered. And getting back to the issue of the time spent on a project, how much time is spent waiting for home printer to spit out those ill-fated business cards? How long does it take for you to install the new ink cartridge and how much did it cost? Finally, what’s the calculation on a potential reprint because the paper jammed or there was a typo (insert other obstacles here)?

If you really want to save money, which can be done by saving time, and you are really interested in having a great looking printed piece to represent your business, fuggedabout using your home printer whether it’s inkjet or laser or toner. Send us your files with instructions, then go about doing the things that make you money as opposed to costing you money (remember, time = money).
Better yet, save even more time by having one of our talented graphic designers design your brochure, your flyer, your business card, your service agreement, your envelope, your letterhead . . . anything really . . . our experts will handle it from start to finish. The end product will look better and you will save yourself lots of time. Except for the term paper due at 8am. That’s all yours.