Small Format Printing

Small format printing is anything smaller than 13 x 19 inches. Our small format department creates custom work like brochures, business cards, marketing collateral, event tickets, restaurant menus, envelopes – in color or black & white. Our graphic designers, Jill, Jeff and Cindy, collaborate directly with our customers. They listen to customers needs and either receive digital files that need to be tweaked for printing or they create new files based on needs.

After everything is proofed internally then proofed again by the customer, the projects are passed off to small format who capably runs the production equipment. From there, projects are sent to our finishing department for services like folding, cutting, booklet-making and scoring. Some large projects require that we all get involved in finishing because many hands make lighter work. This scenario sounds like it might take a couple of weeks to accomplish but typically intricate orders can be generated with a 1-2 day turn-around from start to finish. The faster the completed work is in the hands of the customer, the better our chances of exceeding their expectations.

We notify our customers as soon as their work is ready, either by phone or email, and we frequently provide delivery or shipment. Some customers have established NET 30 business accounts while others prefer to pay by credit card, check or cash at the time of the transaction, some opt to pay online. It shouldn’t be difficult for a customer to pay us and we try to accommodate as mush as possible, within reason.

Why Choose Us?

  • We work as hard as you do to get your jobs done
  • Copycat is not a chain – we are part of this community
  • We are copying and printing experts who are a part of your team
  • Doing business with us is easy
  • We have cookies on Thursdays

This information is based on average orders we receive in each of these categories. Each of our jobs is unique to one particular customer’s needs; that said, it’s space prohibitive to list all the services we provide. To get things started here’s a partial list with a very customized range of stocks, sizes, finishing, etc.