Despite the plethora of negative values associated with COVID-19 and how our lives continue to be impacted, there are a few positive outcomes resulting from this newest form of weird normal. One positive example might be the return of excitement about receiving mail (by mail, we mean snail mail not email, as in actual letters delivered by a USPS employee to your mailbox). This might seem rather retro to some Millennials or Gen Zs but trust us on this one.

Believe it or not, there was a time when waiting for the postal carrier to arrive with mail was considered an exciting part of someone’s day. Now as a result of the pandemic, many people are working from home intentionally limiting their exposure to uncertain environments. Chances are very good these business people appreciate receiving letters and postcards in addition to their email.

For those of you in business, now is a great time to consider using direct mail as a marketing strategy, advertising your services and bringing attention to your unique selling propositions. The more clever your mailing, the more attention it attracts, the more likely your business will get noticed. It can drive business to your storefronts, both physically and digitally, as well as garner the attention of your potential customers who have not previously received information about your products and services. Something tangible that arrives via USPS is less likely to get buried under a digital pile of emails. It can serve as a reminder for potential shoppers that they want to check out your physical location, your website and your social media.

Try to imagine being on the receiving end of a custom envelope printed with full color graphics . . . it’s probably going to stand out from your other mail, isn’t it? Now consider a marketing campaign that includes that a brilliant custom color envelope containing special product information or advanced notice of a special event or a coupon for a special offer . . . folks, this is a ‘tried and true’ technique in marketing that happens to work – and – tends to be overlooked in the digital age.

So, why are we talking about direct mail and marketing? At Copycat, one of our specialties is printed envelopes, in a variety of sizes and all custom printed to your specifications, color or black/white. If you’re considering a marketing campaign that includes direct mail, we would love to brainstorm with you on how to streamline your approach and get the best return on your postage investment.

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