Admittedly, this question coming from us may have sounded rather presumptuous. The fact is we have other restaurant clients who have been instructed by the health department to include specific verbiage on menus regarding cooking temperatures; they learned this after printing their menus, necessitating reprints from us and of course, additional expense for them.

Suddenly our new client’s green light turned to red. “No, we haven’t had that inspection yet. Why do you ask?” Cindy proceeded to identify the above mentioned scenario and suggested they wait to clarify with the inspector. They accepted our feedback and waited to place the order once they were sure they were compliant with industry’s rules and regs. Let’s summarize by saying that the project is now complete, two months later, and we have extremely pleased clients.

Why do we share this story? Simply stated, Cindy asked a question behind a question, the QBQ. Her high level of customer service saved the new client from spending money unnecessarily. We were able to spare the new restaurant folks from painfully enduring what someone else had experienced. Had Cindy withheld her existing knowledge and proceeded with the original request, these menus may have required a second printing and our new client’s expenses would have doubled. It wouldn’t have been our fault and/but who wants anyone to leave one’s place of business disgruntled?

Our Copycat team is constantly coached on asking the question behind the question. Our goal is to offer you the best print solution possible by digging ever so slightly beneath the surface of your inquiry. In this scenario, by asking one simple question, Cindy singlehandedly gave stellar customer service, potentially saving the new client hundreds of dollars. Kudos to Cindy for her exceptional customer service!

So here’s our question for you:
Would you rather receive ordinary or extraordinary customer service? If it’s the latter, contact us. We’re ready and waiting for you with some QBQ.