Here’s how our wide format department works: Our customers are normally architects, engineers and construction companies. We become the hub of their information so all of their team members can call and access documents for their part of the job. They send us their requests via email or upload their PDF through the website. Some call in orders while some stop by to place orders. Sometimes a job might involve scanning from originals then printing – these documents used to be called blueprints but have not been called that since 1990 when technology had a huge change. These orders can range from one to dozens of prints and vary in sizes from 11″ x 17″ up to 36″ x 48″. We know our customers are in a hurry but accuracy and attention to detail is still paramount no matter how urgent the job is. Because our process is streamlined, Alan and Chris work like they’re cooks in a short order kitchen. They economize on time and motion, producing work as fast as our equipment will allow. We frequently hear customers say “Wow, I can’t believe my job is ready; I just sent it to you!”

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